Have You Been Looking For Pokemon Sun and Moon for Mobile?

Well today's your lucky day, because the game has officially released!

Pokemon Sun and Moon Android and iOS is available for all mobile devices. The new release will keep your hands busy while you're on the go. Catch all new pokemon and start your adventure today!

Get Pokemon Sun and Moon on Android and iOS

Play On The Go

Get ready to embark on a whole new journey and become the worlds best pokemon trainer, all through your mobile phone. Experience new pokemon, new items, pretty much a whole new world. This pokemon game is the latest release for the franchise and it does not dissapoint according to the fans. Game Freak has been working on the mobile version for the past year right after the 3DS release and today we are proud to announce that it's fully finished for Android and iOS gamers.

Pokemon Sun and Moon for Android and iOS is by far the greatest mobile app to be released in 2017. It's truely a game changer for all the fans who have been waiting to be able to play on the go and we are positive you will love the game. Players have made the comment that it's more than just an open world expedition, giving you a feeling of a real life getaway. Don't be worried if you're not sure if the game works on your phone because Game Freak made sure it had full functionality on all devices before it released, even the older versions of android and iOS will play it.

Easy to use

There's absolutely no room for boredom as this game is packed with new features and pokemon which add the ultimate suspense and thrill to your pokemon curiosity. Enjoy interacting with friends and opponents in real life to get the virtual world experience together. Before Game Freak makes the game a paid app they want feedback from the fans and players. This includes any comments or concerns you might have so understand that this is a limited time download since it was just released. You can leave remarks on our contact page. Once it hits the app store you will have to buy it. However, you will also be able to buy new apparel, items for you or your pokemon and much more!

We can honestly say that the game contains the most clear quality graphics compared to all the other apps out right now. There has even been word that the high end phones look much better than the actual Nintendo 3DS version. In order to have the best experience playing it's recommended you download pokemon sun and moon ios / android on a tablet with an updated iOS or Android version. If you're not going to use it on a tablet, make sure you have a powerful phone with excess ram and a high speed processor. Otherwise, the FPS may not be as smooth as you'd like.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Mobile On The Go

If you were wondering how the online part of the game is, don't worry because Game Freak spent most of their time perfecting this for the players. Easily connect online to pokemon sun and moon ds multiplayer by using your WiFi or the Data your phone plan comes with. You will be able to trade pokemon with other users, meet up in the poke centers to chat, battle, or roam with other players all around the world. Game Freak rebuilt the source engine for online play and made a modernized and redesigned master piece.

Just like the 3DS, the pokemon sun android version of the Pokédex was tweaked and revised for the mobile app as well. This was a huge aspect when creating it, as the company wanted the players to have even more anticipation for the release. More than 40 new pokemon have been added ranging in all different types and looks. This time, the pokemon have a more sleek look to them, while maintaining a vibrant glow like never before. You will have a speaking 'Rotom', which is an electric type pokemon that inhabits through your pocket computer.

Android application
For Apple iOs

NEW Features


When it comes to having the perfect pokemon, it needs to have both good defensive and offensive moves. So one of the new features will show you a glimpse of future stats each pokemon can earn based on their individual potential. This will allow you to decide if you want to keep them and train them to build up their offensive and defensive stats collectively. If a pokemon becomes poisoned and has not been cured for a certain amount of time, you can lose your pokemon all together. In other words, it's a gamble if you are not always carrying enough antidote.

Poké Ride will now cut down on useless Pokemon as well as the moves trainers have to carry on them at all times, which is a great thing. At the beginning you will receive a special pokemon that is equipped with a special move, whether it be Rock Smash, or Surf, they will be able to be called on at will to clear any path thats in the way.


Theres also new layouts and menus that make the game stand out amongst the other pokemon games. This makes the game more convenient for users playing. You now have more options to choose from and will be alerted anytime something happens through out the game.

In order to download securly , you will need to execute the following the steps below:

Downloading From An Android or iOS Device?
1.) Simply Click on the Android or iOS button depending on which phone you are verifying with.
2.) Next, the verification process will begin, make sure to have enough room on your phone (1.4GB)
3.) A choice of apps will appear, you are required to install at least 2 apps or you can choose to do a online survey instead. Play the apps for at least a minute.
4.) Once you played an app and exited out, you just do the same thing on the next one. This is to ensure that the servers do not get overloaded.
5.) Reboot the android or ios device, and Pokemon Sun and Moon will start installing. Once done, open and choose whether you want to play Sun or Moon and get started!

Downloading From A Computer?
1.) Please complete one of the offers that are displayed on the content locker. Use real information and proceed to the next step once you are done and have received the APK or IPA file.
2.) Connect your iOS or Android Device up to your PC
3.) You're going to want to copy either the PKMNSUNMOON.IPA or the PKMNSUNMOON.APK to your phone or tablet.
4.) Now Open up the apk, but beware that there will be a pop up box stating 'For The Phones SecurityThis Device Is Set To Cancel Any Installation Of Phone Apps Coming From Unknown Sources'
5.) Push on the the 'SETTINGS' Button
6.) Manually start the installation process
7.) You will get the pokemon sun and moon icon on your phone once its done
8.) Open it up and choose either Sun or Moon and get ready to download the rest of the data+OBB files.